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Rongta Barcode Printer RP400+ Driver Free Download

Rongta Barcode Printer RP400+ Driver Free Download

The Rongta RP400+ is a thermal barcode printer designed for efficient label printing. It is often used in retail, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries that require reliable and fast barcode printing. Here are some of its key features.

Print Technology: The RP400+ uses direct thermal printing technology, which eliminates the need for ink or toner by using heat to create images on special thermal paper.

Rongta RP400+ is a versatile barcode label printer suitable for small to medium-sized business.

Print Speed: It offers a high print speed, typically around 127mm (5 inches) per second, making it suitable for environments where quick label production is essential.

Resolution: The printer provides a resolution of 203 dpi (dots per inch), ensuring clear and sharp barcodes and text.

Connectivity: The RP400+ usually includes multiple connectivity options such as USB, RS232, and Ethernet, allowing for flexible integration into various systems.

Media Compatibility: It supports a range of media types, including continuous, die-cut, black mark, and fan-fold labels, with a maximum width of about 110mm (4.3 inches).

Durability and Design: The printer is designed to be robust and durable, often featuring a compact form factor that saves space in work areas.

Ease of Use: Typically comes with easy-to-use software for designing and printing labels, as well as straightforward media loading and maintenance procedures.

Applications: Ideal for printing barcode labels, shipping labels, product labels, and other types of labels used in inventory management, point of sale, and other applications.

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Rongta Barcode Printer Advance Feature 

High Printing Speed: It can print at a maximum speed of 150mm/s.
High Resolution: Offers a choice between 203DPI and 300DPI.
Printing Method: Supports both thermal and thermal transfer printing.
Interfaces: Equipped with USB, Parallel, Serial, and Ethernet ports.

Additionally, there’s a LAN version (RP400 USEP) that comes with built-in LAN connectivity1. If you need installation guidance, Please Stay this Site Another Blog Post.

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